Dan Whitlam

Introducing London’s rising poet and rapper Dan Whitlam, whose heartfelt tracks on love and life have taken TikTok and Instagram by storm, selling out shows across the UK. Whitlam blends confessional pop-poetry and rap, creating a sound set to define 2024 and beyond.

Influenced by artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Whitlam found the power of poetry and spoken word in his teens. He turned to writing after a traumatic stabbing incident, finding it a transformative way to process his emotions.

Whitlam’s popular tracks include “Button Up,” “Juliette,” “Own Mind,” and “Young Minds,” all of which delve into personal experiences and complex emotions. His poetry performances at open mic nights led to a BBC Radio 4 recording and a sold-out gig at The Jazz Cafe. His raw and honest poems resonate with Gen Z on TikTok, where his latest single “Paper People” combines electronica and house beats with his smooth delivery.

Whitlam’s live shows feature a full band and immersive performances, drawing fans across the UK and worldwide. He recently completed a sold-out tour around the UK, showcasing his versatility and connecting with audiences nationwide.

In addition to his music, Whitlam’s recent work with YSL Beauty’s “Abuse Is Not Love” campaign and luxury brand Hermes adds depth to his career.

His tracks often explore love, heartbreak, and mental health. He wrote “Button Up” after losing a friend to mental health struggles, aiming to encourage men to speak openly about their emotions.

Alongside his music career, Whitlam also pursues acting with roles in shows like ITV’s Trigger Point and fantasy mystery A Discovery Of Witches.