Meg Ward

Meg Ward has become known for her unique ability to mix and blend various genres, including house, techno, disco, garage, and hip-hop, into her sets. Her performances are known for their high energy and infectious dance-inducing beats.

Meg’s rise in the underground scene has been rapid, and her residency at Newcastle upon Tyne’s favorite underground event, ILL Behaviour, was instrumental in catapulting her into the emerging talent scene. Since then, she has played at various venues across the UK and beyond, with her productions receiving support from heavyweights such as HAAi and Patrick Topping.

Over the past years, Meg has focused on developing her own unique sound, refining her production skills, and honing her skills as a musician. Her love for driving basslines and synth-heavy compositions is evident in her music, including her recent releases on Needwant Records.

In 2022, Meg released her highly anticipated EP, ‘Check My Beats,’ which showcased her eclectic range of musical influences and solidified her position as a rising star in the underground scene, whilst ‘Last All Night,’ and ‘Make U Mine,’ continued this trajectory, with the former being remixed by 1-800 Girls.

With her passion and devotion to electronic music and her diverse taste and abilities, Meg Ward is undoubtedly a rising talent to watch in the underground music scene. We love her here at Needwant and can’t wait to see what’s next.