Xera Vera

Lustrous alt-electronica from British-Venezuelan musician, producer, vocalist and DJ, Xeravera.

Combining Venezuelan heart with London’s eclectic energy, Xeravera’s future-facing sound recalls a childhood immersed in global music cultures.

Integrating her love of electronic music with years of classical piano, violin, and vocal training — and a dose of traditional Venezuelan folk music she learned from her mother — Xeravera creates intricate, organic tapestries of sound that linger on in the mind.

Reminiscent of alt-electronica and ambient-techno artists such as Pantha Du Prince, Nils Frahm, James Blake, and Laurel Halo, Xeravera’s confessional vocals and cinematic storytelling style are achingly personal, balancing a languid 90s nostalgia with her own neon-lit ambiance. Fusing the classical and contemporary, Xeravera’s music is an immersive journey through a rich inner-world, rewarding each new listen with something novel to reflect on.

Away from the studio, Xeravera is a seasoned DJ whose packed calendar takes her across the capital and beyond. In 2020 she rang in the new year playing to crowds in Los Cabos, Mexico, combining both her Latin American and European roots in a series of expansive house and techno sets.

Xeravera performs solo live sets with a mixed hardware-software set up, as well as with a 3-piece live band. Her DJ sets are performed using vinyl, CDJs, or both.