Enter The World of Hums


The man behind Hums is Elias Durac – a 26-year-old producer who now lives in Helsinki, Finland.

Originally from Turku, he’s had a passion for music since he was a kid, all the way from early school bands and teenage EDM projects with his older brother to his easy-going indie alter-ego Fabianossa that now co-exists with the more electronic and ethereal Hums. Still, for Elias, it’s always been about fun and play. However, with Hums it became a bit deeper – an outlet.

In 2022, after dealing with some personal issues, the songs came pouring out of him in just one week. As a result, there’s an effortlessness that would be hard to fake if one would have fiddled with the production for months on end. The feeling is amplified by the spur-of-the-moment vocals that are more often than not sampled from his phone’s old voice recordings. Sure, you can hear the Dan Snaith fanboy there, but Elias is the first to name Caribou as one of the big influences.

Nonetheless, this true sound healing, born from inner necessity. Pure self-expression straight from his home studio, straight from his heart. And quite frankly, what the world needs now.

The first single from Hums’ debut EP “Dance With Me” releases on 3rd February 2023 via Needwant.

Dance With Me is a chilled out dance banger which oozes good vibes and groove. The catchy hooks comes in with the beat to absorb you into the world of Hums and the jumpy bassline adds the depth and texture you crave. As the song builds, the beat develops and the sequenced melody gives the song bounds of flavour. Clever use of filters and shifters give this one excellent dynamic range and once everything joins up you are left craving more from Hums.


We are very excited about this year for Hums – Save Dance With Me here