Gardna X Kreed Set to Drop Highly Anticipated VIP Remix for lau.ra X Dope Earth Alien’s “Down With Me”


Bristol MC and producer duo to unleash their electrifying remix, igniting the UK bass music scene.

Bristol’s red-hot MC, Gardna, and the exceptionally talented producer Kreed are gearing up to release their highly anticipated VIP remix of lau.ra‘s recent hit single, “Down With Me,” featuring Dope Earth Alien. The collaboration, born from Gardna’s comment on an Instagram post about a remix competition, has created a buzz of excitement. Fans can look forward to the remix dropping this Friday, alongside the winning remix by Hako, as Gardna and Kreed inject their own unique energy into the track, promising a captivating listening experience.

Gardna has been pushing boundaries as an MC and recording artist, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene. Renowned for his thrilling performances, he has graced stages at top-tier festivals including Glastonbury and Boomtown, while garnering significant support from BBC Radio 1. Collaborations with esteemed artists like DRS and Gentlemen’s Dub Club have showcased Gardna’s versatility and garnered critical acclaim, solidifying his status as a rising talent.

Joining forces with Gardna, Kreed brings his exceptional production skills to the table. Hailing from Bristol, Kreed is recognized for his theatrical songwriting, dynamic arrangements, and mastery of deep sub-bass. His meticulous production techniques and perfectly programmed drums form the foundation of the remix, setting the stage for an unforgettable sonic experience. Kreed’s ability to craft cinematic and characterful music adds depth and dimension to their collaboration, ensuring a remix that stands out in the UK bass music scene.

The VIP remix of “Down With Me” promises to be a high-impact cut that encapsulates the very best of UK bass music. Kreed’s meticulous production shines through with meticulously crafted melodies and captivating broken beats, creating an immersive sonic journey. The original vocals by lau.ra effortlessly blend with the remix’s molten neon melodies, resulting in an irresistible blend that demands movement on the dancefloor. Gardna’s signature bars add a dynamic layer, weaving his lyrical prowess into the mix and elevating the track to new heights. This deep and vibrant composition is tailor-made for late-night sessions, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

As Friday approaches, the anticipation for Gardna and Kreed’s VIP remix of “Down With Me” reaches its peak. This release marks another milestone in their successful partnership, demonstrating their ability to captivate audiences with their innovative approach. With their creative synergy and willingness to push boundaries, Gardna and Kreed are set to make a lasting impact on the music scene.

Make sure to mark your calendars for Friday, as Gardna and Kreed drop their highly anticipated VIP remix of “Down With Me.” It’s a release that should not be missed, showcasing the best of UK bass music and the undeniable talent of these Bristol-based artists. Stay tuned for an electrifying musical experience that will leave you wanting more. Pre-save / Pre-order HERE.