House of St. Barnabas Live with Dan Whitlam (SOLD OUT)


Attention spoken word fans!

Get ready to witness the magic of spoken word poetry as Dan Whitlam takes the stage at The Chapel in the House of St. Barnabas on May 31st. As a Needwant signed artist, Dan has made waves in the music industry with his ability to blend spoken word and music seamlessly. His poignant lyrics can be heard in Needwant tracks such as ‘Quick Intimacy,’ ‘Lights Down,’ and ‘Young Minds,’ promising a unique and unforgettable performance.

Dan’s ability to convey raw emotions through his art has earned him a loyal following on socials, with fans requesting a live show. This charitable event will require a £5 donation, with all proceeds going towards supporting the House of St. Barnabas’ mission to help those experiencing homelessness. So not only will you be treated to an evening of exceptional art, but you’ll also be making a positive impact on the community.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness Dan Whitlam’s incredible talent and support a great cause. Grab your tickets now via Eventbrite and get ready to be moved by the power of spoken word poetry.