Introducing: KDYN


Born in South-East London, British-Guyanese and multi-instrumentalist music producer, KDYN, has been refining his sound and stance within electronic and dance music for the past four years. Having initially arose from a darker, grittier taste of electronic influence; KDYN reappeared in 2022 with a vibrant newfound energy, and a vision for the smooth and soulful. 

This new artistic development has been a massive stepping stone in KDYN’s musical identity as a whole, as he patches together influences of Electronica, UK Garage and Neo-Soul into his entirely unique creations. His recent performance at Melkweg for ADE 2022 both provided an audience understanding and set in motion the iconic feel of a KDYN performance channeled entirely with his exclusive productions.

KDYN’s re-emergence as a genre-defying extraordinaire and electronic artist prodigy is something to excite the attention surrounding his exuberant new eclectic music, following the initial success of ‘Unusual’ and forthcoming eagerly anticipated follow up ‘What U Need’ out now on Needwant

What U Need is a catchy, extremely well produced dance tune which has surprises at every turn. You could be forgiven for thinking this is an RnB track at first, but then KDYN’s talent in production shines through and the risers cut and the choppy samples which shouldn’t make sense combine to create a wonderful melody. 

A truly creative and imaginative piece, What U Need even has the space for some crying guitars which blends seamlessly with the rest of the mix. Perfectly chosen tones for the synths and the spacey beat make this track a sonic masterpiece and one you will play over and over. 

So far KDYN has had a heap of successes with What U Need. With spins from Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, BBC Radio 6 and Ibiza Global Radio the track is living up to its hype. Alongside this, KDYN has also been featured in the Spotify editorial playlist, UK House Music as well as a tonne of Amazon Music playlists. And just to add to this already impressive list, Berlin House Music handled the Soundcloud and YouTube premieres. 


KDYN is definitely one to keep your eye on as we head into to 2023.