Mumbai Rising: Reflections from NATE08


We caught up with NATE08 ahead of his debut album ‘Furaha’ releasing through Needwant on 11th November. As a rising star in the bubbling underground music scene in India, NATE08 picked out some favourite artistss some of his favourite artists, venues, and promoters from his native Mumbai and further afield.



Jitwam, guest vocalist featured on ‘Sunrise Sunfall’.

“I met Jitwam when he came to India for a tour in 2019. He was in Mumbai for a few days post his gig and we hung out and made some music with a few friends. We’ve kept in touch since and I’ve also played a bunch of bass on his records. Sunrise Sunfall really needed some vocals and I could only think of Jitwam to do some justice to it and he absolutely smashed it.”

Azamaan Hoyvoy, guest vocalist featured on ‘Trigger Fool’.

“I’ve known Azamaan for a good few years now. We’ve shared the stage a bunch of times and have played in a few bands together and I’ve also played bass in his band as well. He’s one of the most talented individuals I know and I’m really grateful for having him on this record.”

Yung Singh, Jyoty, Ahadadream

“There’s so much talent in the underground music scene right now in India and around Asia and with so many festivals / international artists coming down this side – they are being exposed to what’s going on here as well and that really helps bridge the gap and to build a network to put music out internationally. Indian and Asian culture is also gaining appreciation around the world with acts like Yung Singh, Jyoty, Ahadadream etc who are repping the culture proudly and it’s something that we haven’t really seen much of in the past and it’s pretty cool to see.”


“Agencies like Third Culture and krunk are always pushing fresh music and throwing great parties. My go to spots for a good party would probably be Antisocial and Club Pandora. There are a bunch of really sick DJs and artists around and I’m grateful to be working with and surrounded by the right people.”

Dhir Mody

“Definitely a few to look out for. Dhir Mody – a really good friend of mine and an incredible drummer is seriously pushing the boundaries of the drum kit by reverse engineering electronic sounds on the kit. One of the most talented and hard working individuals I know. Another really special musician who I’ve had the opportunity to work with is Sid Shirodkar (of Paraphoniks and Ape Echoes) who is writing and putting out some incredible music soon and definitely one to keep an eye on. A few of my favourite artists from India right now are Kumail, Adl, Okedo, Ranj & Clifr to name a few.”

NATE08 ‘Furaha’ out 11th November.